A Series of Strategic Responses to the Tory Majority, no.4 Destroying the Mainstream Media, pt. 3.

9 May

One of the key problems in changing, undermining and destroying the political dominance of the mainstream media is precisely the one of news.  Big media organisations can shape the agendas so effectively not just because they have the friendship of the politicians and the title deeds to companies with printing and distribution monopolies, but because they can get a daily set of events assembled to present as ‘news’ rather than opinion.

To that end, if there’s anybody out there able to knock out a short page of one line summaries of Welsh news events daily (or, ideally, nightly), they’d be helping cut away the agenda-setting abilities of the mass media.  As well as moving the emphasis in our national (and international) lives away from London.  This could even be done online by a group, with each member guaranteeing to contribute one day a week or month.  I’d strongly suggest that whoever does this maintains a strongly neutral position and a terse editorial policy, although they would of course be able to provide related links within the text.

Essentially, the grand aim would be to be a kind of Welsh Reuters, arriving in time to link up with a new alternative media which will provide the opinion pieces once there’s common starting points to work from.  Similar organisations would be highly effective in strengthening oppositional identity in many other areas also, of course.  The North, for example, or Cornwall. Events listings could also be added, giving a strong cultural impetus to the national news, and a ready source of publicity outside the mainstream enabling greater creativity and diversity.

Do you, or anyone you know, have the skills, gear and time to make something like this happen – or to create the social media contacts that would enable it to happen?  Please do.

More ideas on the journey to destroying the power of the mainstream media coming up.  Laters.


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