A Series of Strategic Responses to the Tory Majority, no.3 Destroying the Mainstream Media, pt. 2.

9 May

Hello again,

A Wales National could also happen by public subscription.  It wouldn’t be any bigger struggle than raising the money to found the University of Wales.  And anyway, nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

Other stuff, relating to media, that can happen immediately,

1.  Small journals throughout Wales – and presumably elsewhere – are being pressured by continual funding cuts alongside a perception that publishing cannot be profitable unless it’s celebrity memoirs or cookbooks.  Private investors should be looking at those publications.  This especially applies to small investors and community groups.

2.  Draft front pages of the ‘newspapers of a better media’.  There’ll be a million meme-makers in the aftermath of the election, but a sense that something could be different in the media would inspire hope at a vital moment.  Or, at least, keep the flames burning.

3.  Putting those front pages onto actual newspaper – even if only a few of these hit the street, they’d be collector’s items in hours…

4.  New social media sites explicitly designed to create community organisation focussed on making a better media.  Remember, we are now in the immediate aftermath.  Action needs to be quick in order for it to have the impetus to carry on when the mainstream attempts to return to ‘business as usual’.

5.  Theorising.  Yep, it has to happen somewhere.  However, I’d like to propose a tight focus.  What should new physical media consist of and mean, and how should it/they happen?  Once you’ve sketched an answer to that, it seems to me, there would then be a sense of moral obligation to follow up the case worked out in theory.  Feel free to give your answers in comments here, it’d be great to hear from you.

Part three is on the way.


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