The Future of Music in Scotland

10 Oct

Forgive the hyperbole.

The disappointment and disillusionment following the Scots referendum has been intense, and although ideas for action and a new Scots media have been plentiful, a broader creation of institutions is going to be necessary for ‘Yes’ campaigners to be certain of a win next time around.  These should be able to function on a day-to-day basis even when political involvement slackens, and create identifiable social and economic links favouring independence.

One of those institutions could be set up in a matter of days.

A record label, issuing single songs by musicians, bands and producers committed to Scots independence.  Shares to be paid instead of money.  Over the counter sales of CDs and vinyls at record shops and newsagents – with miniature CDs this could be astonishingly cheap.  Artists for cover designs also paid in shares.  High variety and short run prints for covers.  Exhibitions by the artists doing the artwork, complete with talks by critics on the music of the new Scotland etc etc.

I’m suggesting physical sales because the aim would be to establish a kind of community around collecting and learning about the music of the ‘Yes’ movement.  So that people are involved in the campaign even at home and in a leisure activity, where the mainstream media usually find it easier to get to them.

I think there’s likely some ‘Yes for Business’ types who could put a company like that together in a jiffy.  I’d suggest calling the company “The 45”.


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